2024 ambitions


Every year I try to set some ambitions for what I’d like to accomplish in the time I have. For me this is best done by breaking goals into four categories: Health, Relationships, Work, and Adventure. By writing about these ambitions publicly I will be able to gain more accountability to actually get them done.


  • ≥8 hours of sleep 80% of nights
  • Read ≥ 20 minutes per day
  • 150kg back squat (current 100kg)
  • 150kg RDL (current 95kg)
  • 80kg bench press (current ~50kg and ~42.5kg incline)
  • Banded dead bugs every day


  • ≥ Bi-weekly 1 on 1 with all the close people in my life
  • Form a new, real connection with someone ≥1x per month


  • Get accepted into Imperial College London
  • Get lab testing started for a prototype of BloodBox
  • 625 points in Irish LC
  • Ship code everyday


  • Do some boxing training
  • Hike ≥1x per month
  • Guitar improvements through weekly lessons

These ambitions are just bold enough where they just barely feel possible but can and will be achieved with some hard work.

Here’s to a great 2024!


© Will Carkner 2024

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