Current endeavours


At the moment

Currently, I am working on three main projects, and they are:

  • Internship @ Imperial College London, working on metagenomics. I am creating a tool to benchmark existing strain identification programs and will publish my research in the next 3 months.

  • Improvements in Maths + Physics in preparation for university entrance exams, including the Cambridge Engineering assessment.

  • This personal website (writing posts + improving based on feedback)

I have found that by recording what I am working on, I am actually able to see what needs to be at the front of my mind versus on the back-burner.

3 at a time

I like the maxim of only working on 2-3 major things at one time. It helps me to remain focused on what is truly important each day.

Also, by keeping three slots for work, I am forced to break each project into smaller chunks or else there will be significant clogs and nothing will get done.

Oliver Burkeman discusses this idea well in four thousand weeks, which on a side note was extremely valuable for me as a way to rethink the cram-productivity culture I have been brought up in.


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